Our Aim

At Petals, our aim is to bring out the best in each child to fulfil their potential both in academic and social human terms. We follow the Montessori teaching method which has been proven highly successful all over the world with its capability in recognising the individual Child’s development.

Our classrooms have a free and independent approach towards the Child’s choice of learning. We aim to direct the Child’s choice towards their interested topic – which may be Practical life, Sensorial, Language and Literacy and Mathematics. In this way children learns to discipline themselves without too much adult interference. This results in child gaining tremendous confidence and independence.

The subjects we cover are, Practical life, Sensorial Education, Literacy Skills, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Dance, Drama and movement, Art and Craft, Singing, Music and Yoga . All these subjects are thought through specially designed materials which will stimulate their senses and imagination.

To help your child reach his full intellectual potential

Through the use of the Montessori Materials, your child will quickly become an independent learner and will therefore be able to develop at their own pace following their inborn motivation. They are designed to encourage your child to explore, experiment and develop their creativity. Even the earliest activities start your child on their path to literacy and numeracy. The cultural and aesthetic subjects are also important, providing both breadth and depth to his learning.

To develop your child’s unique personality 

This is achieved through providing a secure, calm ordered environment with a happy family atmosphere where your child’s rights and individuality are respected. Learning is not imposed; rather your child is guided within a carefully structured environment rich with learning opportunities.

To encourage your child to become a balanced, independent member of society 

The Montessori materials and the structure of the day help your child to develop independence, confidence, self-control and respect for their environment and others. Multi-cultural issues are an important feature of the curriculum.

To encourage your child to become physically competent 

Your child learns primarily by ‘doing’. The early materials in particular encourage your child to become dextrous, develop hand/eye coordination and concentration. Other activities refine gross motor skills such as Physical Education, Dance, Body Movement and Yoga.