Pre School in Marathahalli

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March 17, 2018
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Best Play School in Bangalore
March 24, 2018

Pre School in Marathahalli

Pre School in Marathahalli

The concept of Montessori Preschool is getting popular among parents because of its child-centered educational approach. It teaches a progressive curriculum focused on child-directed learning, observation, and research. Petals Montessori Pre School in Marathahalli is one of them.


The education system in Petals is concerned with:


  • The fulfillment of basic needs of all children
  • The wholesome development of the child
  • Molding the child into a person to face all kinds of challenges
  • Development of desirable attitudes

Petals Montessori Preschool provides you with the best environment and pre-school activities for your kids. Our teaching and non-teaching staff are dedicated, relaxed and well trained to ensure the safety and pleasurable learning environment for the child.

Montessori Infrastructure:

Petals Montessori Pre School has its branches all over the city and is build in a way that provides a unique environment for the children with modified classrooms as well as a colorful play area that stimulates and helps the children for their overall growth. Emphasis is also laid on the comfort of each child, which reflects in the colorful classrooms equipped with

  • Non-Toxic toys
  • Age appropriate furniture
  • Interactive books and learning toys
  • Air-conditioned campus
  • Dining Hall which serves delicious meals cooked by professional chefs
  • Fulfilled, well-structured and well-balanced curriculum (Montessori Curriculum)
  • Sleep area
  • Professional Medical Staffs for emergency
  • Multimedia Room

What makes “Montessori Preschool” unique?

  • It encourages Cooperative Play
  • It focuses on Key Developmental Stages
  • It makes children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
  • Montessori’s Teachers Ease the Learning Experience
  • Montessori System is Highly Individualized to Each Student
  • Montessori Learning Method Inspires Creativity
  • Montessori’s learning Is Child-Centered
  • Its classroom Environment Teaches Order
  • Montessori Curriculum is Focused on Hands-On Learning

Only you can decide which kind of preschool is best for your child, so take a wise decision, and choose the best. Petals Montessori is definitely worth a visit.