March 24, 2018
montessori school near me

Montessori School Near Me

Montessori Education is a child-centered educational approach. In this approach, the child is viewed as one who is hungry for knowledge and at the same time […]
March 24, 2018
montessori schools in bangalore

Montessori Schools in Bangalore

You will find several Montessori Schools in Bangalore due to the increase in demand to enroll young ones in Montessori schools in last few years. Montessori […]
March 24, 2018
best play school in bangalore

Best Play School in Bangalore

The concept of Montessori Preschool is getting popular among parents because of its child-centered educational approach. It teaches a progressive curriculum focused on child-directed learning, observation […]
March 24, 2018
nursery school near me

Nursery School Near Me

Early childhood education or nursery school education is an important part of a child’s learning career. It is the foundation on which all later learning behavior […]