Montessori School Near Me

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March 24, 2018
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Toddler School Near Me
March 24, 2018

Montessori School Near Me

montessori school near me

Montessori Education is a child-centered educational approach. In this approach, the child is viewed as one who is hungry for knowledge and at the same time capable of initiating learning in a supportive and learning environment.

Petals Montessori is considered one of the best Montessori’s in the city with several branches all over the city. Petals follow the same Montessori approach where the teaching & learning methods are different and practical. Each student is given the liberty and choice to learn what they love. This builds the students’ self-esteem.

Montessori values:
Every child is different and each one has a unique personality.
Children develop at different times and in different ways and learn at different rates as each one has different capabilities.
We believe that tomorrow depends on the type and quality of the education we impart to our children today.
Children should be prepared for a complex and changing world, which calls for an integrated best education system.

Petals Montessori School strives to maintain a very happy environment in which every child is able to get a sound education and feels special. We have a well-trained team of teachers who help children in the initial learning stages and teach the right kind of etiquette and care with varied fun-filled activity to cater to all areas of growth in the child.

Facilities provided at Montessori School:
Air-conditioned campus
Outdoor play area
Multimedia Room
Children’s Art Room
Children’s Library
Spacious Classrooms
Dining Hall serves delicious meals cooked by professional chefs
Sleep area
Montessori approach based classroom activities
Professional Medical Staffs for the emergency.

Petals Montessori School foundation has been laid with the holistic development of the child in mind. The Montessori learning method is child-centered, which follows play-way and activity approach. So, what are you waiting for? You have the best choice in front of you.

Petal Montessori should be on your must visit list when you are out exploring schools for your kids.