Montessori Schools in Bangalore

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Best Nursery Schools in Bangalore
March 24, 2018
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March 24, 2018

Montessori Schools in Bangalore

montessori schools in bangalore

You will find several Montessori Schools in Bangalore due to the increase in demand to enroll young ones in Montessori schools in last few years.

Montessori schools focus on the fundamental development of the child. This model is based on the education system which follows two principles:

  1. Children are engaged in developing self-construction.
  2.  Children have an innate path of psychological development.

Montessori schools believe that children are at liberty to choose and act freely with the environment.

One of the best Montessori to look for this year is Petals Montessori which has branches all over the Bangalore. The teaching methods at Petals has various interesting and inspiring activities to stimulate the early brain development with a prime focus on creative play. Our children get totally involved and enjoy every moment while they learn, and we make sure children get the most out of their experiences at school.

We work on:

  •  Hand-eye coordination,
  •  Potty training,
  •  Holding crayons,
  •  Gross and motor skills,
  •  Grasping power

Petals Montessori highlights:

  •  Equipped Montessori classrooms
  •  Hand-picked Montessori materials
  •  Uniquely designed Montessori environment
  •  Air-conditioned classrooms
  •  Child level washrooms
  •  Multimedia resources
  •  Spacious play area
  •  Dedicated & Well-trained teachers
  •  Appropriate child to teacher ratio
  •  Regular health/medical check-ups
  •  High-Security campus

Features of Petals Montessori:

  •  Labs to bring out children’s talents
  •  Indoor and outdoor games facilities
  •  Well-experienced staffs and faculties
  •  An environment that emphasizes self-discipline
  •  Parents and teachers meeting sessions
  •  Transport Facilities
  •  Co-curricular activities

We at Petals believe that children can do amazing things. To help them reach their fullest potential, we give a lot of emphasis on active learning where the children work on hands-on material and absorb the knowledge through their senses.

Petal Montessori should be on your must-visit list when you are out exploring schools for your kids.