Other Services


Our Day Care School offers daily sessions from 3pm until 6pm for all classes.
Children are changed into their home clothes and given a comfortable atmosphere to rest and unwind from the busy school day.
There will be a choice of activities set out and supervised by staff for Montessori classes.
Homework Club and all other after school clubs will be provided for Primary children only.


Placing a strong emphasis on the health and wellbeing of pupils, Petals have introduced new menus designed to elevate nutritional standards across the board. Each day, the menu will include a wide variety of ingredients, cuisines and culinary styles, encouraging our pupils to try new things and enjoy a balanced diet. The friendly catering team are experienced in handling all dietary needs and allergies and are on hand to answer any questions you or your children might have.


Transport services are available, we have our own in house Drivers and Support staff to assist your child during their trip. All vehicles have GPS live tracking.