Montessori Classes

"Where You Reach Depends On Where You Start”

Entry : 18 Months To 5.5Yrs



Montessori School

Within a bright and welcoming environment, Petals Montessori School provides an excellent first step for your child’s introduction to education. Fully supported by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff, the children are encouraged to develop their full creative and academic potential, learning to think, question and evaluate. Petals children experience all areas within the Early Years Learning Goals. Children are introduced to phonics and pre-reading skills. Fine motor control activities help to develop writing skills. Fun, thought-provoking, numeric activities help build the children’s understanding of mathematics. By nurturing a curiosity of the world around us, their knowledge and understanding of the environment help to develop their creative language and confidence.

School Values

School Values

Teaching Method

• Montessori Methodology.
• Hands-on learning materials.
• Individual attention.
• Recording observation.
• Freedom to choose.
• Care and loving environment and teachers.

Program Details

Our program is designed especially for the optimum development of the child through his Early Childhood years and is categorized into: PRE-TODDLERS, TODDLER, PREP, MONT 1 & MONT 2.